10 Easy Tricks to Solve a Rubik’s Cube in No Time

Solving a Rubik’s Cube can seem like an insurmountable task to many. With its myriad of colors swirling in apparent chaos, it’s easy to understand why. However, with the right approach and understanding, anyone can turn this complex puzzle into a manageable and even enjoyable challenge. This guide will unveil ten straightforward methods that serve as the perfect trick to solve the cube, allowing you to not only master this puzzle but also dazzle your friends and family with your new skills.

1. Understand the Cube’s Basic Layout

Before you can master any tricks, it’s crucial to understand your Rubik’s Cube’s basic layout. A standard Rubik’s Cube has six faces (top, bottom, left, right, front, back) each covered by nine stickers of one of six solid colors. A common approach is to think of these colors in terms of fixed centers. Each center color is surrounded by four edges and four corners. Start by choosing one color as your base (commonly white) and work your way around the cube from there.

2. The Daisy Flower Trick

The first trick to solve cube challenges involves creating a ‘daisy flower’ pattern on the white face. This means positioning white petals (edge pieces) around the yellow center, which resembles a daisy. This is a preparatory step that makes it easier to maneuver the white corners into their correct positions in the next step.

3. The White Cross

Following the daisy, your next goal is to form a white cross on the base. This involves aligning the white edge pieces with the corresponding center colors on the side faces. Ensure the edges not only match the white center but also the side centers. This foundational trick is critical as it sets up the rest of the cube for easier adjustment.

4. Solve the First Layer Corners

After the cross, focus on solving the corners of the first layer. This trick involves positioning the white corners so that the other two colors on the corners match the side centers. Use simple algorithms, like the right-hand or left-hand rule, to twist the corners into the correct position without disrupting the already solved cross.

5. The Middle Layer Edges

Once the first layer is complete, move to the middle layer. The trick here is to insert the edge pieces without white or yellow into their correct positions. Techniques such as the “U R U’ L’ U R’ U’ L” algorithm are invaluable for slotting these pieces in place smoothly.

6. Create a Yellow Cross on the Top

Flipping the cube over so the unsolved yellow face is on top, the next goal is to form a yellow cross. There are specific algorithms designed to flip the edge pieces into the correct formation, a crucial step before final corner positioning.

7. Position the Yellow Corners

With the cross in place, the next trick is to position the yellow corners. You might need to shuffle these pieces around without changing their orientation. This step might require a few repetitions of certain moves, but patience and practice will get the corners lined up.

8. Orient the Yellow Corners

This trick can be tricky because it involves orienting the yellow corners without moving them out of place. Algorithms like “R U R’ U R U2 R’” are used here to rotate the corners correctly, a critical step towards completing the cube.

9. Solve the Final Layer Edges

Your penultimate step is to position the last layer edges. This involves swapping edge pieces without disturbing the corners. Techniques, often called “edge cycling,” help in moving these pieces around the top layer, gradually aligning them with their respective colors on the cube’s sides.

10. Perfecting the Final Layer

The final trick to solve cube challenges is adjusting any misaligned centers and edges, ensuring every face of the Rubik’s Cube matches perfectly. This last step might require some of the previous algorithms, but with all pieces essentially in their right place, it’s just a matter of fine-tuning.


With these ten tricks, solving a Rubik’s Cube quickly becomes less about luck and more about strategy and technique. Remember, the key to mastering the Rubik’s Cube is practice and patience. Each time you solve it, you reinforce the algorithms and strategies you’ve learned, making you faster and more efficient. So, grab your cube, apply these tricks, and watch as what once seemed like an impossible puzzle becomes a challenge you can solve in no time.

These strategies not only help simplify the process but also make solving the Rubik’s Cube a fun and rewarding experience. Whether you’re solving it to improve your mental skills, competing in speed cubing, or just looking for a party trick to solve cube mysteries, these tips will get you to the finish line much faster than you ever anticipated.

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