5 Key Initiatives for IT Decision Makers in Higher Ed for 2024

The dynamic market conditions and the emergence of AI and machine learning have transformed the way of doing business. Organizations across industries find themselves amidst the need to reset constantly. Higher education institutions are no different. The recent pandemic and changing industry landscape have made them rethink how to meet student demands better. 

LabStats is a market-leading hardware and computer lab software tracking tool. Using LabStats, CIOs and lab managers can make data-backed decisions for resource management that meet their goals and budget constraints. 

We have published an ebook that details how our tool can be used to meet such challenges more efficiently. 

Benefits of Using LabStats

Download and read our ebook to navigate complex challenges. Here are some benefits that LabStats can offer:

·        Resource Utilization

Using existing IT resources to meet campus-wide goals. 

·        Agility

Navigating uncertainties with superior business agility. 

·        Data-driven Decisions

Leveraging current and historical data for allocating hardware and software resources to students and staff.

·        Innovation

Creating a culture of innovation to adapt to the changing market landscape.

·        AI

Harnessing AI and other emerging technologies meet the demands of students and staff. 

LabStats allows you to monitor hardware and software across campus to identify usage patterns, most used assets, usage hotspots, usage by demographic, and what’s least used. 

Call +1-208-473-2222 or send an email to for a free trial or to schedule a walkthrough. 

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