A Custom Chatbot Powered by AI & Controlled by You

In this fast-paced digital world, every business needs to maximize resource efficiency and productivity. A chatbot can be the savior in this respect, but not just any chatbot. You need a custom chatbot that can perform like an extension of your human resources. 

Customers are no longer impressed by standard bot responses. With Happyml, you can speed up customer resolution, communicate with and nurture leads, perform HR tasks, and extend your sales team. No need to write a single piece of code. Create your custom chatbot in minutes and add it across your company’s website, web application, SMS, email, or WhatsApp, and enhance customer experience. Happyml can be auto-trained on our business information for human-like responses. It asks the right questions and re-routes complex queries to your employees for seamless customer support.  Give your Business an Edge with Happyml ·        Multiple Learning SourcesAdd website URLs or upload documents and help center articles to auto-train your custom chatbot.·        Controlled by HumanMonitor automated responses and step in when needed for complex customer resolutions. ·        Customized to your BusinessAdd tone, prompt, and appearance to align with your brand values. Select from over 95 languages for efficient support across geographies. ·        Rapid ResponseEngage every visitor with personalized responses fueled by your business data. Create your AI Chatbot Today Create your custom chatbot in minutes without coding. Start a free Happyml trial today

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