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Functional Decor: Ottoman Footstools and Large Serving Trays

Ottoman footstools and large serving trays are the two household items that can create a legit coffee table situation that’s both practical and stylish.

Intrigued? You should be! Let’s dive into why using an ottoman as a coffee table with a big tray on top is such a genius decor hack.

It’s Multifunctional

Raise your hand if you love multitasking furniture! That’s what this footstool-tray combo brings to the table (literally).

An ottoman is already a multifunctional piece. Need a place to prop up your feet? Check. Need extra seating? Check. Need to stash throw blankets or magazines? Check and check.

But add a large serving tray on top and boom – you have an instant coffee table too! The tray gives you a hard, flat surface to set down drinks, snacks, books, and remotes.

So with this one setup, you’ve got a footrest, extra seating, hidden storage, AND a coffee table. Talk about getting maximum utility out of your living room furniture!

It’s Flexible

Feeling boho vibes? Grab a big round rattan tray. More of a modern minimalist? A sleek wood or lacquer tray would be perfect. Want to embrace farmhouse chic? How about an antique wooden bread bowl as your “tray”?

And when you get tired of the tray on the ottoman, just take it off! Boom, it’s just a regular old footstool again. Or switch to a new tray for a fresh look. So many options!

Plus, ottomans are super portable. Need to move the coffee table setup to a different part of the room? Just scoot that thing over.

It’s Space-Saving

This footstool coffee table idea is a gift. Traditional coffee tables can seriously eat up precious floor space in a tiny apartment or house. But an ottoman takes up way less real estate.

Most ottomans have a fairly small footprint compared to big, boxy coffee tables. And you can find slim, low-profile ottomans if you’re trying to maximise space.

Yet when you add that large tray on top, you get all the functionality of a normal coffee table in a much more compact package. Cluttercore who?

It’s Budget-Friendly

Here’s the best part about this whole ottoman coffee table situation: it’s stupidly affordable compared to buying a real coffee table. You’re probably thinking “But don’t nice ottomans cost a fortune?”

Nope! You can find high-quality ottomans for around £300 online. And not just the basic cubes either – there are tons of different styles within that budget price range.

As for the tray, you can grab a nice large serving tray for around £200 online.

Of course, you can spend more if you want something luxe. But isn’t it nice to have an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice style?

It’s Customisable

When you build your ottoman coffee table, you get to make all the choices to perfectly suit your space and vibe. It’s easy to customise every element!

For the base, you pick the exact ottoman style, colour, and material you want – whether that’s a plush upholstered number, a modern wood design, a funky patterned option, or anything in between.

Then you get to decide on the perfect oversized tray to top it with. Maybe you want a big rustic wooden tray. Or a sleek large marble serving tray would be stunning! Or get creative with a unique repurposed item as your “tray.”

From there, you can add little finishing touches to make it your own. Toss a cute tray filler like beads or moss in the centre of the tray. Layer in some coffee table books and decor accents. Place a linen tray liner down first for texture.

With an ottoman and tray as your base, the possibilities are endless for customising the entire look. That’s way harder to do with pre-made coffee tables!

Aesthetic Benefits: It Just Looks Good

One of the biggest benefits of this ottoman coffee table idea is simply that it looks amazing! It’s such a fresh, visually appealing way to style a living room.

An oversized tray on top of a cushy upholstered ottoman just has this casual, cosy, and curated feel. It comes across as intentional decor styling rather than just plopping a basic coffee table in the middle of the room.

The tray helps dress up the space while still keeping things feeling laid back and livable. And you can easily change up the tray for a total refresh whenever you want one.

Plus, the organic curves and plush texture of a nice fabric ottoman instantly add warmth and visual interest. It gives the room an inviting, loungey vibe that you just don’t get with a basic wood or metal coffee table.

If you put some thought into selecting items with coordinating colours and aesthetics, the whole ottoman tray situation can seriously elevate your living room’s look. It’s functional decor at its finest!

How to Style It

First, measure your space and get an appropriately sized ottoman footstool. You’ll want to leave at least 14-18 inches of walkway space on all sides so people can get around easily.

Next, pick out that perfect tray. Look for something oversized – around 24-36 inches wide is a good general range for most spaces.

Lastly, decorate the ottoman footstool itself! Drape a pretty throw over one side, or place a tray or decorative boxes on top to hold remotes or coasters. Have fun with it.

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