How Does Employee Time Tracking Software Enhance The Gig Economy?

Gig is the present and the future. This is what organizations need to adapt for success. Hiring freelancers and contractors is the latest trend. Hiring freelancers and contract laborers gives you many advantages including saved payroll expenses, hiring project-based employees, and more. However, managing and tracking their workflow is a challenging task due to the flexible schedules. We recommend using employee time-tracking software for better management of your gig economy staff.

What is the Gig Economy?

So, what’s the gig economy we are referring to here? It’s not the community of people who make gigs. Instead, simply put, it’s the labor market of freelancers and contract workers. These people don’t work full-time but rather independently project or task-wise. These workers connect to companies via digital platforms to arrange flexible schedules.

Importance of Time Tracking Software for Freelancers and Contractors

Although freelancers and contractors provide many benefits including flexible schedules and pay per task, project, or hour this poses a challenge for organizations. Using time-tracking and employee Productivity Monitoring Software gives you many benefits including proper task and project management.

Ensuring Accurate Billing

Underbilling and overbilling freelancers and contract laborers is a major issue organizations face. This can be easily solved with time-tracking software, which accurately and automatically calculates billable hours. Furthermore, you can integrate the software with your payroll tool, enabling direct transfer of work-hour data for faster payments.

Enhancing Productivity

Using software for tracking time for contract laborers and freelancers enhances their productivity during work. As you would use the software on your in-office employees, similarly all the features are available for managing the gig economy workers. Additionally, you will also get communication and collaboration features.

Improving Project Management

Using the right software and integrations will also ensure that your freelancers and contract laborers give you the best output. You get advantages including smoother workflows, better task progress tracking, and overall the best project management since the software brings everyone on a single platform for optimized collaboration and communication.

Choosing the Right Time Tracking Software for the Gig Economy

When it comes to managing your freelancers and contract workers, you can’t just pick any time-tracking tool and hope it works for you. We recommend scouting your options, budget, and other factors before finalizing. Let’s see below, how you can choose the right time monitoring software to get the maximum productivity out of your gig economy employees.

Evaluating Software Options

The idea is to scout out the various available software options and look for features that meet your requirements. This lets you shortlist the best software solutions. In short, requirement vs features evaluation.

Considerations for Freelancers and Contractors

Next up, we require finalizing one time-tracking software from your shortlist. We recommend checking the features best for managing freelancers and contractors. For example, communication and collaboration tools.

Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability

Your budget also matters. Plus, we recommend staying away from software, which is too cheap to be true. Furthermore, checking for scalability to meet your growth requirements is also essential.


The gig economy is the market of freelancers and contract laborers, which is the present and the future due to the various advantages including flexible schedules. Thus, managing the productivity and efficiency of your gig workers is essential for maximum profits. However, you can’t just pick any software and hope it works for you. Choosing the best time and productivity employee monitoring software solution will ensure many benefits including enhanced project management. We recommend DeskTrack since it is the most flexible, scalable, and customizable software.

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