You all know that it is important to get a good score in IELTS to get a visa for a country whose native language is English, besides the IELTS tests English proficiency in four sections. These sections are listening, reading, writing, and speaking. However, the speaking section is the most difficult of all. So, it is important to practice this section. In this article, let’s know all about the IELTS speaking section and how IELTS online preparation for this section can help to improve the score. So, moving ahead to explore the parts of this particular section in brief.

What Are the Parts of Speaking Test in IELTS?

The speaking section in IELTS has three parts. These are an interview round, a cue card and a long discussion on the topic of cue cards. In the first part, aspirants have to give a brief introduction of themself to the interviewer. Then, they will be given a topic on a cue card on which they have to speak for 2 minutes. And at last, the invigilator will ask you certain questions from the cue card topic to wind up the speaking section. Now, after having an overview of the parts, it is time to focus on the cue card task more in the upcoming section of the write-up.

What Is a Cue Card in IELTS Speaking?

As you read above, the cue card is the second part of the IELTS speaking section. In this part, aspirants will be given a topic on which they have to collect all vital information in 1 minute and then speak on the topic for 2 minutes. It analyses the speaking ability of test takers. However, this is not easy as it looks, this is why the following segment will provide the tips to ace this.

IELTS Online Preparation Tips for Acing IELTS Speaking Cue Card Round

There are a number of resources aspirants can use to prepare for the cue card. Many coaching institutes also guide aspirants to follow the further discussed tips to excel in their IELTS online preparation for the cue card. However, it helps the aspirants to improve their results.

Let’s know all the useful tips one should follow.

Practice from Real Cue Cards

Every aspirant should practice for the speaking part by real cue card topics. This will help to know and prepare answers to all the possible questions in advance. And hence, the test takers will be confident with the answer, speak with fluency and at last will get a good result in the cue card section.

 Practice to Plan Your Response

Aspirants should practice utilizing the 1 minute to collect all the key points they can speak in their IELTS online preparation to answer the cue card. In addition, they should also practice to organize the points in a sequence to make a structure of the answer. However, this practice will help to answer the cure card topic with fluency.

Learn to Use the Prompts

Aspirants must learn how to use prompts in their IELTS online preparation for the cue card. This will help to structure your answer well. And hence, using prompts will help the aspirants to structure the answer well and speak with good fluency on the cue card.

Record Yourself

You can use the technology for spelling practice for the IELTS cue card. Recording your 2 minutes speech for the IELTS cue card will help you to know your mistakes. Hence, with this practice, you can work on them to improve your English speaking with the correct use of prompts and lexical resources.

Learn to Use Examples

Every aspirant must know that using examples develops an interest in the listeners. So, aspirants must practice using examples during their IELTS online preparation for speaking to demonstrate their English language skills.

Practice Time Management

Time is everything in the IELTS speaking section. Aspirants get only 11 to 14 minutes to complete this task. However, this time is divided as 4 to 5 minutes for introduction, 1 minute to prepare the cue card and 2 minutes to speak on the given topic. However, the remaining time is utilised in Q&A. So, aspirants must practice to introduce them self in 4-5 minutes. Additionally, also practice to manage time for cue card.

Speak with Confidence

Confidence is everything in the speaking section. Aspirants must get familiar with prompts and learn to lexical resources and phrases while communicating. However, it will leave a good impression on the invigilator and hence it will result as a good score in the IELTS speaking part 2. 

After getting along with the tips, it is time to explore the marking criterion for the section to have a clear vision.

IELTS Cue Card Marking Criteria

Aspirants must know how to score well in the speaking section before starting the IELTS online preparation for the cue card. It will help you in making a good strategy to get maximum benefits on the exam.

Let’s know how marks are given in the IELTS speaking part 2.

 Fluency and Coherence

The invigilator checks the confidence of the aspirants in the speaking section. So, every aspirant must practice well to improve their fluency in the English language to answer the speaking section.

Lexical Resource

These are the uncommon words that aspirants must use while answering the cue card. It will help to leave a good impression on the invigilator which will help you to improve your score in the speaking section. You can learn the use of lexical resources by reading books. 

Grammatical Range

Aspirants with a good command of English grammar always get benefits in the speaking section. This is because they are able to use the phrases and examples which help them to answer the questions of speaking part 3 without any hesitation.

Note: Aspirants must not forcefully try to use phrases or examples to impress the invigilator.


Aspirants must be clear and confident while using the phrases and lexical resources. However, the pronunciation of the words can vary from accent to accent. But a clear speech will help you to make a good performance on the exam.


Finally, you can say that the IELTS speaking section can be the highest scoring with proper practice. However, if you are a IELTS aspirant and want to score well on the exam then you must focus on your speaking skills. In addition, you must also practice for the IELTS speaking part 2. You can get the cue card topics and how to answer the questions with lexical resources at gradding. However, they also provide the best coaching to score well in all sections. Furthermore, they will also guide you to check IELTS result to ease your task. So, contact them now.


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