Is The Online MBA 2-Year Program Worth Enrolling For? 

It is not feasible for working professionals to quit their jobs to pursue their higher education. However, the post-graduation degree is a pre-requisite if anyone wants to go for prominent roles and leadership positions. One such program for business management is the MBA. MBA is a post-graduate program that is a Master in Business Administration. The study of the program is restricted to the managerial and leadership skills that are important in any organization for the coordination and co-operations in the departments for the smooth functioning of the organization. 

The program is a 2-year degree course. It is the best program if any learner wants to develop skills in management analysis and strategy for improve the functioning of the business administration. 

Online MBA 

Most experienced professionals are approaching the Online MBA specialization program due to the inclusion of new sectors in the market that are offering rewarding careers. They want to understand the domains so they can deliver the outcomes as hoped. The most preferred specialization for an Online MBA Courses is Managerial Economics, Supply-chain management, Information Technology Management, and Retail Management. So learners can explore new domains without leaving their current job. 

Online MBA is a two-year program online post-graduation program that offers the flexibility for the aspirants to complete their higher degree to become eligible for the top jobs with their job. The benefit is that lessons learned can be applied in the real workplace. 

Other Types of MBA 

  • Full-time MBA: Traditional two-year program where applicants enroll for full-time courses and have enough funds to complete the regular degree. 
  • Part-Time MBA: Part-time courses are known as professional MBAs that allow for work-life balance. These courses are skill-oriented oriented help enrollers to get advanced learning and sustain their livelihood. 
  • Distance MBA: Distance MBA is like a Part-Time MBA program. It is flexible and students don’t have to attend the physical classes. 
  • Executive MBA: the 2-year program solely focusing on the leaders and executives having several years of managerial experience. These are the working professionals with ambitions to dig deeper into their domains to explore more about their fields. These classes can be attended on evenings, weekends, or online. The course is designed for faster-paced learners with less commitments than the usual program. 
  • Global MBA: some universities label this program as an International MBA is like a traditional two-year Regular MBA program that mainly emphasizes international b business principles and strategies. 

Is it possible to learn advanced skills in an Online MBA? 

Online MBA programs offer a better learning experience. It isn’t hyped that Online MBA courses share learning experiences similar to the Regular MBA. When the applicant applies for the Online program they are provided the live classes. The program is flexible and if live classes can’t be attended, they can watch the recorded sessions. 

Moreover, the value of the Online MBA can’t be considered as good for nothing because online education is approved by the UGC in India. So the program must be recognized by the regulatory bodies that are UGC, UGC DEB, NAAC, and NIRF. 

Qualification required for Online MBA program

Students can apply for the program after their graduation or gain experience in any domain if they aren’t sure about any specialization to pursue their career. Eligibility criteria for enrolling in the Online MBA program: 

  • Graduation degree or its equivalent degree with a minimum of 50 % from a recognized university. 
  • Doesn’t require any working professional experience. 
  • No age limit to enroll in the program. 
  • Generally, the admission is direct without any entrance exam. 

However, some online universities’ criteria may vary so students must check with the universities before applying for the program. 

Affordable Universities for Distance MBA in India

Students looking for affordable universities then they are the best because they should not wait to enroll in the Distance MBA programs

  • LPU Distance Education
  • Chandigarh Distance Learning
  • Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning
  • DU SOL

However, the quality of education may suffer due to a lack of infrastructure. When learners don’t want to compromise the learning experience and training they can approach the top online universities for better impeccable education. 

Top Online MBA Universities for Impeccable Education 

Here is the list of Online MBA universities in India that don’t compromise on delivering education and introduce all the technological advancements to better learning of students like learning management systems( LMSs) to share the updated study material. 

  • Amity University Online, Noida
  • Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Online
  • Lovely Professional University (LPU) Online
  • Chandigarh University Online
  • Jain University Online, Bangalore
  • UPES Online

College Vidya 

College Vidya is a platform that helps students choose the right online university to complete their degree from an approved university. College Vidya offers the following services: 

  • Compare Feature
  • Post Admission services
  • Placement support 
  • CV community 


Career Advancement, flexible study hours, and budget-friendly choices students need to study the MBA program. In such a situation, an Online MBA isn’t a good alternative if enrolled in an approved university to develop skills. 

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