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New Zealand is one of the nations that is growing faster with time. Also one of the popular options for study abroad among aspirants for two reasons. The first one you read and the second one is it is an advanced country when it comes to education and technology. In addition, there are other reasons also why students opt for overseas learning. But before choosing it for studies, don’t you think you should first know about it. Well, to aid you in this here, the best study abroad consultants in Kolkata have provided details about it.

Want to know? Read the below article and get all the vital information about it.

Important Things to Know Before Opting for New Zealand for Study Abroad

Knowing about the nation before going for overseas education is a good thing. It aids you in understanding its people and culture better. In addition, helps in adjusting to the country. As you know today, when it comes to study abroad, New Zealand is the first choice of students. There are several reasons for it, like quality education, safety and more. Also, there are some vital things that you need to know about it. So, let’s start with it.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria of the college are the first thing one should know before opting for a course in NZ. It is well-known to everyone that every university has various criteria for admission. So before applying to any, check your eligibility.

In addition, if you want to do a PG course in the country, its least need is for students to pass their UG degree from a good college. Apart from that, to pursue New Zealand study abroad journey, you only need a three-year UG degree. Also, it may have some extra requirements or not. It depends on the university.

Available Scholarship

To attract students, NZ offers several scholarships. In this, learners get the relief of paying their tuition fees. In addition, it also aids them in managing their extra expenses. Apart from that, some colleges also offer funding options to students. It generally depends on the academic performance of the aspirants.

Furthermore, if you want to know more about it, the best study abroad consultants in Kolkata can guide you. As overseas study agents, they know all things and criteria about it.

Options for PG Courses

After graduation, a PG degree is the most common thing that students prefer to do. The duration of the study program may be one to two year. It depends on the subject you choose to study. In this, the country offers research and thesis-based programs to learners. Through this, they can develop critical thinking. In addition, study abroad in NZ also aids aspirants in gaining practical skills. Because the country focuses both on theory and practical learning.

Cost of Study

The average price students need to study in New Zealand is around 25000-40000 NZD. However, it varies as per course and university they selected for learning. In addition, it is believed that compared to other countries, the price of NZ education is fair. In this, an extra cost can be around 700-800 NZD again, it relies on the program.

Apart from that, the living cost of New Zealand is also fair for abroad learners. Furthermore, for estimation, the best study abroad consultants in Kolkata can aid you. They know how much finance aspirants need to learn in NZ. They can assist you in arranging the finances as per your budget.

Language Needs

Many courses offered to students in NZ are in English. In addition, you also need to take an English test to show your skills in the language. One of the famous exams that is accepted in all NZ universities is IELTS. For admission, the minimum score you need to get is 6.0 in all four sections. It is the lowest mark institutions expect from foreign learners. Below that is not acceptable in the country. However, the test score can vary as per the study program and college you chose for learning.

Course Beginning

The intake in NZ is generally known as the semester system. It is of two types- summer and winter intake. The summer intake starts in July. In this, you can apply between July and August for your study abroad program. In addition, the winter intake is between January and February. As per your preference, you can choose any of them. Furthermore, generally, the students opt for winter intakes. It is because they get the chance to explore the country and enjoy the snow there.

Study and Job

Students who opt for New Zealand for overseas studies get the chance to work here. With their study visa, you have permission to work 20 hours per week. In addition, during the holidays like Christmas and New Year, you can work for the whole day. It aids you in managing your expenses.

However, it has some rules and regulations that you need to follow. Apart from that, it provides you with gaining practical skills. It further helps you in your personal and career development.

Work Options After Studies

The country provides students with work options after the completion of their studies. However, it depends on the study course they opted for learning there. In addition, it also offers post-study work options to abroad learners. For this, you have to apply for post-work visa. Through this, you get the chance to stay two or three years more in New Zealand. But for this also you need some criteria to follow.

These are the vital things that every student should know who wants to study in NZ. Furthermore, for any aid, the best study abroad consultants in Kolkata are here to help you. The experts there have many years of experience in this field. It assists them in offering the right guidance to learners.


Since, abroad studies is a very big decision, knowing about the selected country is vital. It aids students in better understanding of the nation, its people and culture. Hope this article gives you all the guidance you need for your New Zealand study abroad journey. In addition, it is also essential to do some research on your own before opting for a foreign nation. Furthermore, to aid, you also have the study abroad experts by your side. So, instead of getting confused with your doubts, you can get help from them. And fly to your dream study journey.

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