Know Why Chandigarh Students Choose to Study in Canada

Chandigarh is a planned city in Northern India. The literacy rate in the city is 86.05 per cent. However, students prefer to study in Canada. Besides, studying abroad is a very long process. However, there are various study abroad consultants in Chandigarh who can guide you. These agents help you in your journey from start to end. They can help you list down some of the world’s best colleges on Canadian lands. 

Let us look at some of the reasons why one should study in Canada.

Reasons to Study in Canada

Are you planning to study abroad? Here are some of the reasons why one should study in Canada. To mention a few aspects of the universities in Canada: they offer various courses and affordable living. Besides, about 27 Canadian colleges rank in the QS world rankings. What’s more is that as compared to other study locations, Canada is a budget friendly country. Thus, foreign students are attracted to gain exposure. Now, let us look at some more advantages of study Canada.

High Employment Rate

Canada has an employment rate of 61.30%. Canadian Ministry of Education promotes taking foreign scholars to their colleges. Moreover, it creates a diverse setting. Besides, the Canadian state provides post study work permits to foreign graduates. What’s more, is that students can work while studying as well. This ensures that learners get enough chances to grow.

Quality of Life

Canada has a high standard of living, it ranks third globally and has the best quality of life. Besides, as compared to other nations, it is a low cost country for students. Moreover, colleges have a vibrant and inclusive culture. The country excels the average in jobs, incomes, education, health and social life. What’s more, is that Canada has a better life index relative to other nations. The Canadian state respects human rights and has a world class healthcare system.

Cultural Diversity

The culture in the country makes it one of the most warm and friendly nations. Moreover, the government promotes a diverse setting in colleges. You can be a part of many events where you will find various groups with unique lifestyles. Joining activities will give a whole new view. Here is a list of a few events that you can enrol in:

  • The Montreal International Jazz Festival
  • Calgary Stampede
  • NHL Hockey
  • Poutine Week
  • Folklorama

This will help you blend with people and you will get an experience of a lifetime.

Safe Environment

Canada is a very pretty country, students enjoy Canadian weather while studying. Besides, safety is a matter of concern for foreign students. According to the Global Peace index, Canada is one of the safest places to live, with low crime rates. Besides, Canadian state prioritizes student safety and security over anything else. Some of the cities in Canada that students prefer are Toronto, Vancouver, British Columbia and Waterloo.

Research Opportunities

One of the main reasons why students prefer to study in Canada is that colleges there offer plenty of research chances. Besides, experts focus on research and development. Moreover, innovation is the top priority for the state. Besides, this not only promotes economic growth but also chances for job. Especially in the Medicine, Agriculture, Environmental Science and Technology sectors.

Now, let us see what study abroad consultants suggest.

Tips by Chandigarh Study Abroad Consultants

There are many reasons why taking expert help is crucial. Below mentioned are some of the tips for students.

Proper Guidance

The study abroad journey is a tedious, lengthy and costly process. Hence, it is vital to get it right in one go. Besides, taking help from study abroad consultants in Chandigarh will ease your journey. They assist you in various study abroad processes and test training. Besides, experts also guide you in pre departure and post arrival services.

Three C’s

Choosing, the right course, college and country is the first step in your study abroad journey. It often happens that students opt for the wrong countries. Hence, selecting countries that suit your needs and align with your goals is vital. Thus, one must do vast research about picking the right places to study and the course. Besides, this will also help you transition better in the country.

Plan Finances

Making a budget in advance is a crucial step. Study abroad journey is a costly process and requires proper planning. There are a lot of hidden costs as well, expenses that students often forget to calculate. Hence, if you wish to study in Canada or any other nation for that matter, it is essential to plan out the budget.

Build Network

Moving to a new place is a tedious task and it is tough to adjust in an unfamiliar setting. Hence, getting acquainted with peers and making networks is important. Moreover, seeking help from study abroad consultants in Chandigarh would be good for you. They connect you with local student groups and communities. This makes students’ transition to a new culture smoother and the journey will be more enjoyable.


When you decide to study in Canada it is you investing in your future. Colleges in Canada are globally recognised and the degrees are acceptable all over the world. Besides, there are various reasons why students prefer to study there. The Canadian state encourages foreign admissions. Moreover, Canada is a warm and welcoming country with low crime rates. What’s more, the high job rates in the country attract foreign students to study Canada. Besides, getting expert help will ease your journey. is one stop solution for your study abroad problems.

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