Latest Tile Design Ideas for Small Kitchens


These days, small kitchens are a reality for most families, and with a little planning and clever design, you can consign this most important room in the house to be clutter-free and chaos-free. You can transform your dreary small kitchen into an exceptional haven by incorporating kitchen tiles. 

These unsung heroes can drastically change the whole look and feel of your kitchen. From unexpected patterns to light-reflecting glamour, this blog will reveal the tile design for small kitchens. So, go wild and get ready to enjoy a big style in a small place!

Tile Designs for Small Kitchens

Monochromatic Magic: 

Embrace the fascinating world of patterns! Explore the fascinating world of interior design, where strong geometric tiles can add unmatched drama and definition to any space, especially when used in eye-catching black and white tones. Experimentation is key. Choosing a large format tile design for small kitchen in a stylish monochromatic palette can easily create a modern atmosphere. Conversely, bolder, smaller contrasting squares can bring a joyful vibe into your space. Thus, embrace the limitless opportunities that patterns present and allow each geometric shape and form to reflect your style! 

Herringbone Chic:

The timeless beauty of herringbone patterns has made this one of the go-to choices through the years. Giving a diagonal zigzag pattern of rectangular tiles arguably gives visual interest to backsplashes and gives an impression of motion and life in the room. Through a subtle optical trick that enhances the perceived height of the room, the unusual arrangement of tiles can deftly direct the viewer’s eye upwards. Choosing this pattern for your kitchen adds a sophisticated and deep touch. It is a popular choice for both modern and traditional areas.

Reflective Magic:

Choose big format tiles with reflective light finishes, like glossy white, cream, or soft pastels, to maximise the light. With these smart decisions, you can create the impression that your kitchen is bigger and more open. You could have tiles with subtle metallic highlights or glitter to add that touch of elegance. These elements will automatically give more aesthetic appeal to the kitchen, along with adding more glamour to the ambience. With these light-reflecting tiles, your kitchen can be airy and open while still giving an impression of brightness.

Moroccan Spell:

A touch of complex pattern incorporated within the design concept of a small kitchen can transform the site by infusing depth and rendering an element of international flair. If one is to generate a visually arresting installation of backsplashes, the tiles influenced by Moroccan styles with their tempting geometric and floral themes can be a viable option. The other elements of the kitchen, therefore, need to be modest and simple to balance such bold patterned tiles; use single-coloured cabinets and simple counters. This tile design for small kitchen creates a cohesive look that does not make the room too big or full of decoration. 

Terrazzo Flecks:

With their tidy splashes of bright colours and complex textures, terrazzo tile design ideas for small kitchens are making a huge impression as one of the most featured design inputs for modern living. The addition of terrazzo to the backsplash brings something fresh into the room and provides a visually exuberant focal point for a rather small kitchen. Select terrazzo types of lighter colour, with white or cream backgrounds that top the idea of openness and lightness, a balance that fuses itself with the theme, emitting an aura of sophistication and charm.

Wood-Look Allure:

As they can add warmth and texture, wood tile design for small kitchens can also be a fantastic choice for small kitchens. The result will be a cosy atmosphere that will improve the overall atmosphere of the room. When choosing wooden tiles for a small kitchen, it is necessary to choose light tones of wood. This keeps things open and prevents the kitchen from feeling crowded. If you want to give an even greater illusion of space, consider using wood-effect porcelain or ceramic tiles. With the added benefit of easier cleaning and maintenance, especially in high-traffic areas like the kitchen these tiles capture the charm of real wood.

Tips to Select Tile Design for Small Kitchen

Light is the Key:

Large format tiles in light colours with reflective finishes such as glossy white, cream, or soft pastels reflect light and give the feeling of receding walls that open up the space. When one wants a touch of glamour without losing any space, one can opt for a tile design for small kitchen that has a hint of shimmer or metallic accents. 

Pattern Smart:

Don’t be afraid of patterns; instead, use them smartly! Bold-style geometric tiles can create drama in kitchens. But remember scale. Large-size hexagons provide a modern touch; smaller, contrasting squares are fun. Remember, too much activity can overwhelm a small space.

Make Verticality your Friend:

Make your tiles appear taller than they are! Subways, the timeless classic will take you across the threshold of good tile design for small kitchens. Embrace more massive shapes for a modern take, making some sleek, clean lines. The vertical push of this new classic remains. 


With the right tile choices, even your small kitchen can become appealing. You can be surprised at how you can create an illusion of space by adding your flair by using light, manipulating patterns cleverly, and emphasising verticality. Reputed brands like Orientbell Tiles offer an extensive range of kitchen tile designs for small kitchens, where you can find the perfect tile to transform your small kitchen.

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