Market Hopping in Udaipur: Must-See Bazaars of The City

With scenic lakes and regal palaces all around, Udaipur is not just a visual feast, it is a shopper’s paradise. Whether you want to buy artsy handicrafts, a variety of fabrics, shoes or beautiful traditional jewellery pieces, the markets here have everything and are definitely worth exploring.

If you are a shopaholic and wish to explore the colourful markets and shopping centres in Udaipur,

Read on to know about the five must-see bazaars in the city where you are sure to have a fun time shopping.

1- Bapu Bazaar:

Let’s start with Bapu Bazaar, a bargain hunter’s dream. This market is famous for its amazing variety of goods and that too at jaw-dropping prices.

Come here and dive into the chaos to snag colourful juttis (traditional footwear), soft leather products and dazzling artificial jewellery. Don’t forget to haggle, it is part of the fun and expected by the friendly vendors. A pro tip is to keep an eye out for the famous Rajasthani quilts, a cozy souvenir to take home.  

2- Hathi Pol Bazaar:

This bazaar is every art aficionado’s alley. So do make your way to Hathi Pol Bazaar, a haven for art lovers. It is famous for its exquisite miniature paintings, a specialty of Rajasthan, and here you will find artworks that show the essence of Udaipur’s royal heritage.

Besides paintings, you’ll also find crafted wooden toys, colourful puppets and handmade clothing. Hathi Pol is also the spot to pick up some of the finest Mewar paintings, which make elegant gifts or keepsakes.

3- Chetak Circle:

This place is your go-to for a bit of everything. This busy market area is where you can find both practical items and decorative goods. From brassware and salwar suits to pottery and traditional lanterns, this is the place where you can get your hands on Udaipur’s finest offerings.

If you are looking for festival decoration items and souvenirs, this market is just the best place to shop everything. And if you’re in town during a festival, the atmosphere here is electric, a mesmerising cultural experience in itself!

4- Jagdish Temple Street:

And finally, no market tour in Udaipur is complete without a walk down Jagdish Temple Street. It is located just next to the famous Jagdish Temple and is your destination for religious artefacts, brass statues and incense.

The street is also a foodie’s delight, do try some local snacks like kachoris or sweet jalebis from street vendors. Shopping against the backdrop of the beautifully carved temple adds a divine touch to your purchases, unlike a shopping experience at any other place.

There you have it, your handy guide to the must-visit bazaars of Udaipur. Do explore them on your next trip if you wish to experience the unique vibe of this historic city.

Whether you are a fashion enthusiast, an art lover or just a curious traveller, you are sure to have a great time walking through the fascinating lanes of Udaipur’s bazaars. Happy shopping!

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