MBA for University of Birmingham Vs.University of Glasgow

Choosing the Right MBA: University of Birmingham vs. University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow rankings place it amongst the top 100 universities across the globe. It is one of the most research-intensive universities across the UK with one of the widest range of courses. The University of Birmingham is one of the public research universities which is a top-ranked research institute with more than 20% of its research being regarded as one of the best and about 40% as internationally excellent.  

University of Glasgow  

Both Universities are best, however, you need to choose whatever suits you the best. Moreover, you need to look for the best accommodation too. You can come across some of the best student studio flats Birmingham.  

Program Structure  

The University of Glasgow’s MBA is a 12-month duration program that will empower you with some of the best skills and knowledge. They will offer you networking opportunities so that you can accelerate your career. 


The program allows you to apply different knowledge and skills throughout to understand real-world problems. You will have the option to select from different pathways. This will provide you with the flexibility to tailor your course and align with your goals.  

Career outcomes 

By pursuing an MBA from the University of Glasgow, you can get a 95.9% job. some of the best recruitment industries are consulting, consumer goods, technology, financial services, healthcare, and more. Within 3 months after the completion of the course, you can get a job. Some of the top employers are Amazon, Clintech, EY, Heinz, etc. 

Cost of Living in Glasgow 

While living in the city, your student rooms in Glasgow price is going to be the largest of your expenses but there are many different costs to contemplate. The cost of living in the city will probably vary based on different aspects. 

1. Rent of Glasgow Student Accommodation: Starts From £550 – £1250/ month 

2. Cost of Food and Groceries: £300-£400/ month 

3. Cost of Travel: £40-£60/ month 

4. Cost of Clothes: £60-£100/ month 

Cost to Study 

Total Cost (Tuition + Living) – INR 4245713.57 

Why opt for this course?  

The Glasgow MBA can empower you with some of the best skills and knowledge. They can offer you the best networking opportunities that you need so that you can accelerate your career. You can either work as a manager within the private or public sector or develop your entrepreneurial ambition. We can provide you with one-to-one support to help develop you into a successful leader.  

University of Birmingham  

The University of Birmingham is one of the top-notch universities which attracts students across the globe. They not only offer the students with top-notch education but a lot more than that. You can find some of the best student studio apartments Birmingham too.  

Program Structure  

MBA from the University of Birmingham is a program for about 1 year. It is an on-campus program and it is available full-time.  


you can have access to the latest research, trends, data, and knowledge. However, from the beginning, the student will have a mentor and career coach to guide them through their career in international banking and finance. 

Career outcomes 

Pursuing an MBA from the University of Birmingham can be beneficial. You can find different job opportunities once your course is completed. Some of the placement fields that you can choose from are administrative service manager, chief executive officer, foreign exchange management, international finance and so much more. 

Cost of living in Birmingham 

Birmingham is one of the most reasonable cities across the UK. The cost of living in Birmingham is around £720 per month. This will cover the cost of University of Birmingham accommodation, food, transportation, and other extra expenses.  

  • Rent of Birmingham Student Accommodation: Starts from £144/week – £249/week 
  • Cost of food and groceries: £180- £350/month 
  • Cost of travel- £100-£150 per month 
  • Cost of Clothes: £50-£100/ month 

Cost to study  

Total Cost (Tuition + Living) – £32564.29

Why opt for this course? 

By studying at the University of Birmingham, you can easily access the latest research. You can also find the research-led business school. This will provide the students with access to the latest trends, data as well as knowledge within the global banking as well as the finance industry. The program can equip you to move into senior management positions. They provide the students with the best accommodation near the University of Birmingham.  


Both the universities are unique in their way. You need to select which one you prefer the most. You can check all the details before you make the decision. Also, research the whereabouts as well as the accommodations to find the best university for you.  

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