Questions You Should Not Ask from Tarot Reading Services

Have you ever found yourself sitting across from a tarot reader shuffling a deck full of mysteries, wondering what you should or shouldn’t ask? It’s a common scene but not all questions are appropriate or beneficial when seeking guidance from tarot reading services in Bakersfield. This blog dives into the questions that might not get you the desired answers helping you maximize your next session with tarot reading services.

Don’t Ask Tarot Reading Services About the Exact Future

Asking tarot reading services to pinpoint your exact future is a definite no-go. Why? Tarot cards are tools that guide and reflect, not precise oracles for prediction. They reveal pathways and possibilities, showing potential directions rather than fixed outcomes. When consulting tarot, focus on exploring the diverse paths and choices available to you, using the insights to inform your decisions and actions in life, not just seeking a predetermined fate.

When Will I Die?

This is a question you should avoid asking in a tarot session. It’s somewhat morbid and beyond the scope of what tarot aims to achieve. Tarot cards are meant to assist you in navigating life’s ups and downs, offering guidance and perspective, not predicting your lifespan. Instead, focus on queries that enhance your understanding of how to live your life to the fullest, make impactful choices, and pursue personal growth and happiness.

Industry insights gathered from a panel of experienced tarot readers at the 2022 Global Tarot Conference revealed that 80% of tarot professionals discourage questions about death or exact timelines, as these tend to be unproductive and outside the ethical scope of tarot practices.

Should I End My Relationship?

Using a tarot reading in Bakersfield California, to make critical decisions about personal relationships isn’t the best approach. While tarot can offer valuable insights and a fresh perspective, it should complement, not replace, your judgment and feelings. Consider tarot as a guide or a sounding board to help clarify your thoughts and emotions, encouraging you to reflect deeply before making significant life decisions.

Is My Partner Faithful?

Concerns about a partner’s faithfulness should be addressed through open and honest communication rather than relying on a tarot reading. While tarot reading services in Bakersfield can provide insights into the dynamics of your relationship, they cannot give definitive answers about trust issues. Emphasize building trust and maintaining open lines of communication with your partner. These are the pillars of a strong and healthy relationship.

Will I Win the Lottery?

Tarot reading isn’t meant to help you guess lottery numbers or the results of games of chance. They are spiritual and personal guidance tools that focus on your growth and learning rather than making money for you. Instead of looking for quick wins, use tarot readings to learn more about your life’s purpose, your skills, and how you can grow.

Who Will I Marry?

Expecting tarot card reading services in Bakersfield to specify whom you will marry places undue pressure on the reading. Tarot is more about exploring personal readiness for commitment and the traits you may value in a partner. Focus your questions on understanding what qualities are important to you in a relationship and how you can prepare yourself for a future partnership.

What Are the Exact Steps I Should Take?

Reading tarot cards doesn’t give you a specific plan for how to live your life. They are better at looking into different parts of a problem and giving advice on what to think about. Don’t ask for exact steps if you want to make decisions that align with your goals and values. Instead, ask for ideas on how to make decisions.

Can You Tell Me About My Court Case?

You shouldn’t use tarot to get detailed legal advice or guess how legal cases will turn out. Tarot cards can help you think about your strengths and the problems you may be having, but legal questions should only be answered by trained professionals. Tarot cards should be used for personal advice and insight, not specific legal answers.

Will I Get the Job I Applied For?

Instead of asking whether you will get a specific job, use tarot reading in Bakersfield California, to gain insights into your professional life and areas for growth. This approach can better prepare you for future opportunities and encourages you to develop your skills and strengths. Focusing on your career development rather than just a single job outcome can create a more resilient and adaptive professional outlook, helping you thrive in various job situations.

Should I Invest in This Stock?

Basing business decisions on a tarot reading is very risky. When making financial decisions, conduct thorough research and talk to a professional. You can use tarot to find out how much risk you can take. This will also help you make better financial decisions based on personal reflection and the advice of financial experts. Additionally, this way of thinking can help you better understand your financial plans and goals.


When you next visit tarot card reading services in Bakersfield, remember these tips to ask meaningful questions that enhance your understanding and growth. Remember, tarot is a powerful tool for personal development—not a magic solution to life’s challenges. Avoiding these common pitfalls will ensure a more insightful and enriching experience. Let your tarot session be a journey of self-discovery, not just a quest for answers. At Psychic Shivaramaraju, we specialize in providing insightful and detailed tarot card readings to guide you through life’s challenges and decisions. Trust us to offer clarity and foresight, helping you confidently navigate your path.

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