Small Business Resources to Consider in South Florida

To function properly, all small firms, regardless of size, must have various departments. Having a comprehensive image of your small business’s demands requires planning, but you can begin with an evaluation. This blog will list the resources for businesses in South Florida.

What is a business resource?

To put it simply, a business resource is an organization’s ‘inputs’ or ‘assets’ that are utilized to produce an outcome, such as a product or service. Assets might be tangible or intangible. Tangible assets include money, people, equipment, real estate, tools, and machinery. Furthermore, intangible assets include technology, patents, partnerships, databases, software, skills, culture, and knowledge.

What are the four main types of resources to evaluate?

Financial Resources

As one of the resources for businesses in South Florida, businesses use financial assets to purchase raw supplies and pay employee salaries. Furthermore, financial resources are the funds that a business uses to spend. Cash and bank assets, venture capital, shares, checks, promissory notes, and cashable checks are all examples of funding methods.

Effective financial resource management is crucial to meeting a company’s objectives. In the event of a financial business resource shortfall, business operations are halted.

Sources of financial assets include:

● Equity shares or share capital

● Preference shares

● Trade credit

● Debenture

● Retained earnings

● Working capital loans

● Bill discounting

● Venture funding

● Factoring services

● Lease finance

Material Resources

Material business resources are physical or tangible assets that are employed to generate output or enhance performance. Furthermore, material assets are continually changing and evolving as technology advances.

Important material assets are:

● Raw materials

● Machinery

● Technological tools and equipment

● Real estate

● Furniture and supplies

● Manufactured product

Human Resources

Employees and their expertise are valuable assets to any firm. Labors are the backbone or pillar of any business’s success.

Business human resources are in charge of recruiting, vetting, and training job applicants to assist the firm in meeting its objectives. Human resource management also addresses organizational culture, knowledge, skills, and expertise.

Aside from increasing staff productivity through training and development, the HR department contributes to employee well-being by handling employee benefits and compensation.

Intellectual Resources

Intellectual resources are intangible assets. This implies that no one can see or touch them. Unlike tangible resources, intellectual resources grow with use. It develops through learning and coaching. Copyright, partnerships, patents, brands, and intellectual property are all examples of intangible assets.

Furthermore, these comprise customer knowledge, product reputation, customer service reputation, and brand reputation. Intellectual property also includes innovations that make corporate operations simpler and more efficient. These include software and client databases.


To summarize, starting a business as a veteran needs careful planning and access to the necessary resources for businesses in South Florida. With effective usage of business resources, one can successfully operate or start a business on a high note, limiting the risk of failure.

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