6 Unmissable Fun Things to Do in Cuba

Are you planning all-inclusive Cuba holidays? Explore this article to find the 6 unmissable fun things to do in Cuba.

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, renowned for its rich culture, history, and natural beauty. From the sunny beaches to the captivating streets of Havana, Cuba promises immense relaxation and adventure to tourists. Here is the guide to six unmissable fun things to do on your all-inclusive Cuba vacation.

1-     Stroll Through Old Havana

Founded about 1519 on Cuba’s northwestern shore, Old Havana is known as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visiting this city embellished with lively buildings, cobblestone streets, and classic cars, seems like stepping back in time. Must visit the iconic Plaza de la Catedral, while strolling through the vibrant corridors of buildings. Don’t forget to enjoy a traditional Cuban coffee at Café El Escorial, where you can find the true Cuban taste and hospitality.

Encounter with the local artists while strolling through the streets of Old Havana. Savor a Cuban cigar, a sign of the island’s culture. From weathered buildings to the lively plazas, each place on this island tells a specific history. Old Havana is a site where history is not just preserved but also celebrated daily. The evenings on this island are full of fun. As the sun sets, the streets come alive with the sounds of music and laughter. Hence, pulsating with life and timeless allure, this place is a must-visit for every tourist.

2-     Sunbathe on Varadero Beach

Stretching for as long as 20 km, Varadero Beach is popular for its white sand and clear water making it ideal for sun baths and water sports. Here, tourists can not only have the opportunity of diving and snorkeling in the warm Caribean sea but can also visit the corals. Lined with all-inclusive resorts, the beach offers a comfortable stay for tourists.

Extending beyond the natural beauty, Varadero Beach is an exceptional place for countless adventures. Whether you want to rest on the shore or dine at the beach resorts, this place sets the pace for your day. The beautiful sunset at the beach combines orange and pink colors, making a memorable view for the tourists.

3-     Discover the Viñales Valley

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Cuba, the Viñales Valley is an unmissable spot for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Surrounded by limestone cliffs called mogotes, the valley is rich with lush tobacco fields and red soil, showcasing Cuba’s famed cigar market. When visiting the valley, don’t miss the horseback riding tour to see the age-old tobacco farming methods.

Visit a local farm to find the art of rolling the perfect Cuban cigar, a skill passed down through generations. Discover the natural beauty of the region by visiting the stunning hiking trails in the valley. Trek through paths flanked by royal palms and fields of taro. Explore old caves, formed over millions of years, to add an element of mystery to the adventure.

From the aroma of fresh tobacco to the majestic sights of Mogotes, the Viñales Valley is the epitome of natural allure and local customs. During your all-inclusive Cuba vacation, don’t forget to visit this famous place at any cost.

4-     Dance the Night Away to Cuban Music

Cuban music is a fusion of African, Spanish, and Caribbean threads. This unique tone creates an irresistible beat that beckons you to dance. Visit a local salsa club, such as Casa de la Musica, and let loose on the dance floor. Take a salsa lesson and learn moves from the locals. Pulsating through the air and igniting fire with human souls, indeed the energy and passion of Cuban music is palpable. The beats, the melodies, and the movements, all show Cuba’s rich history and customs. Therefore, don’t miss dancing to these special tunes while visiting Cuba.

5-     Taste the Flavors of Cuban Cuisine

Being a blend of unique flavors and ingredients, Cuban cuisine reflects the island’s old customs. Traditional dishes like ropa veija and arroz con pollo are some of the famous Cuban culinary delights. Don’t miss eating tostones, the twice-fried plantains with crispy and salty meat. For a sweet treat, you must try the guava pastry or a scoop of tropical ice cream.

Visit a paladar to truly experience Cuban cuisine. In paladars, you can savor home-cooked meals made by locals and traditional cooking methods. Indeed, dining at Paladar is a memorable experience for all global tourists.

All-inclusive vacations in Cuba are more than just a beach getaway for tourists. The above-discussed six must-do activities on the island can help you create long-lasting memories. Whether you want to explore the Cuban historical sites or enjoy sunbath on the famous beaches, this place is best for you. Virikson Holidays, one of the most famous travel agencies of this era, serves you with all-inclusive Cuba holiday packages at affordable prices. Get them today and start packing your bags to meet the countless adventures waiting for you in the beautiful land of Cuba.

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