A Guide to Using Brass Diya for Pooja

Brass diyas have been a integral part of Indian spiritual practice for ages. The lamps glimmering in soft light set a Devine atmosphere during the pujas. If you are not well versed in using brass diyas, then this article is here to guide you on how to use brass diyas for pujas

Brass does more than to just look beautiful; rather in Hinduism it is always held with the respect that characterizes the holy – pure, good and harmonious. For this reason, this metal works well for items that are used in worship, such as diyas. The light produced by a brass diya has been said to possess certain sattvic properties which help in maintaining calmness in your prayer session. 

Preparing Your Diya 

Tidy your brass diya with a gentle cleanser and soft cloth before conducting puja, then place a cotton wick in the holder. Make it gleaming before soaking it with ghee or oil so that it can remain wet for consistent flames.  

Filling the Diya with Light 

Fill the diya’s reservoir with a generous amount of puja oil. Either sesame seed oil or coconut oil is commonly used, but one can use any kind of vegetable oil since they are all acceptable. Then you can light the wick with a matchstick or a long puja lamp (aarthi). When the flame flickers into existence you should feel the heat it gives off. 

Positioning the Diya 

While performing puja, put the oil lamp (diya) on a specified puja platform or plain wooden table (chowki). In religious terms, the diya should face East or North during worship sessions. Seek advice from an elder on the right spot for the diya if you are not sure about it. 

Caring for Diya 

After completion of your puja, put out the flame through gently snuffing using fingers or puja spoon. Clean the diya with a soft cloth when already cool to remove all remnants. Store in a clean, dry place until the next puja. You will effortlessly incorporate brass diyas into your routine with little experience.  

The warm light and significant symbolic power conferred by this will make spiritual experiences more profound and banish the noise from your home temple. 


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