All about Canada Digital Nomad Visa in a Nutshell 

Do not have a work permit to come and work in Canada? Though there are many alternatives, the best one is the digital nomad visa, which has recently been launched for remote workers. Those who have been working from home, and from anywhere in the world can apply for this kind of visa. 

Those who are working for an overseas company can come and work in Canada for 6 months under this visa. It is also one of the routes taken to apply for Canada PR visa from India. The Department of Canadian Immigration is working closely with the stakeholders to devise such policies to welcome more digital nomads. 

How to Find Out Whether You are a Digital Nomad?

Like the name says what this essentially means is that you can operate from anywhere through digital means. Which is why you are a nomad who can move from one place to another. You need not essentially be in Canada. 

What this means is that you can also be recruited by a Canadian company out of Canada. Another option is to be self-employed by your business organization. Like you are the CEO of the company. You can work for this company even if it is situated out of Canada. 

The tech talent strategy is one of those programs that has especially been created to welcome digital nomads. You can be a marketing specialist (online), blogger, or freelance web developer. With this kind of visa, you can both live and work in Canada for 6 months and gather experience. 

After all work experience points help you score when you apply to immigration programs under the Canada Express entry. So make sure you check your eligibility for a digital nomad visa. The Tech talent strategy was created especially for digital nomads. 

Even on a visitor visa you can come and live in Canada for 6 months to be precise and not above that. 

Conditions of Eligibility for Digital Nomad Visa 

1. You need to be hired by the company from out of Canada 

2. The nature of your work should be entirely remote

3. Have a good amount of money or funds to be able to sustain yourself and your family during the entire period of your stay. 

4. Ensure that you pass the eligibility checks by Canada immigration. This can be in relation to health, security, criminal, and police checks. 

5. Not much documentation and proof is required for this visa, but what you need to do is to check Eligibility for Canada PR in case you get a job offer from the place you have lived. 

How Will You Come into Canada on a Digital Nomad Visa?

Unlike applying for PR which needs minimum points on the CRS calculator, digital nomads can only come to Canada based on their visitor visa as spoken before. Your remote work should not be defined under what is known as the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulation (IRPR). Your deciding officer should be persuaded of that, 

What the digital nomad has to convince that their remote work will not in any way come in the way in the gaining of opportunities by permanent residents or Canadian citizens. Your proof of funds are a very important requirement for your coming to Canada on a Digital Nomad visa. 

In case you come from a country that is visa exempt, you need to apply for Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).Whatever be the way the decision for your visa will be taken by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Do makes sure that you tell the one with the digital nomad visa, that you returned to where you come from. You can move to some of the major provinces of Canada like Montreal, Canada, Montreal and Calgary. 

Why Choose Canada as a Place for Digital Nomads?

Canada is a great place with strong economy for digital nomads which is stable and thriving. Also, the peace of mind that is required by remote workers is present in Canada. What this nation gives you excellent healthcare, infrastructure, and well being. 

Tech Talent Strategy by Canada 

These routes enable tech talented workers to come to Canada and choose their own routes for permanent residency from temporary paths. A nation like Canada wants tech workers who can stay here for the long term.

Some of them who come here on this program can come here and look for jobs. And, if they are lucky they can even get a job offer from a verified Canadian employer. Under this program skilled workers who are digital nomads in the tech sectors are invited. 

Reside and Work in Canada as a Digital Nomad 

Since this kind of visa is for visitors only, you need to choose beforehand which part of Canada do you wish to settle in the long term. Because job openings and cost of living vary from one place to another. 

And, in future if you are thinking to Apply for Canada PR Visa From India you neeed to be prepared in advance about where you wish to settle along with your family.  If you have chosen Quebec to live as a digital nomad brush up your French language skills. 

Another thing you can get in to is research, without which it is no use of entering Canada as a digital nomad. Always look for a place which fits your budget and where you can live till 6 months atleast. 

Conclusion !!

Wishing to come and experience Canada as a remote worker? The digital nomad visa is one such attractive option. With this visa you have access to local services, and that on something which is similar to only a visitor visa.

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