Applications of biometrics in security: Issues and  trends

Current, increased security worries and violations put pressure on the search for effective methods of identification and authentication. Biometrics is a technology that can provide a protective and accessible layer through the use of unique physical features.

How Biometric Authentication Works

Bio-metrics is the special set of biological quality such as fingerprints, facial and eye scan which are used for proof of personal identity. One of the key benefits of using biometric technologies is that – unlike passwords or PINs – the biometric data used to proof a user’s identity cannot be copy and is unique for every person.

Technologies that Provide Biometric Security.

Fingerprint Recognition

Biometric evidence is the identification of individuals based on their proof measures and fingerprint recall is one of the most common forms. It trust on the fact that each individual hold a special pattern of backbone on the fingers, which can be recorded in the form of fingerprints for identification purposes. This technology is present in mobile phone, laptops and in access control systems.

Facial Recognition

Modern technology of face recognition has been recently widely applied for the sake of its comfort and reliability. Facial recognition system works by taking note of the distance between the eyes or the shape of the nose and immediately providing identification in real-time. This technology is widely used for security purposes in forensics, border control, and identification.

Iris Recognition

Iris recognition is a highly secure biometric authentication method; it is regarded as one of the most reliable modalities. It entails recording high resolution images from the iris which is the colourful  part of the eye and then identifying the patterns from the image. Due to the high level of security and confidentiality involved iris-recognition systems are typically deployed in high-security settings like federal buildings and airports. Current Trends and Usage of Biometric Security Systems.

Biometric security systems have a open range of applications across many industries:Biometric security systems have a wide range of applications across many industries:

Access Control: The use of biometric evidence is apply for the authorization of the entry of the buildings and time as well as the authorization of the entry to the devices.

Financial Services: Companies and banking institutions employ biometrics to improve information security for online banking platforms, ATM services, and payment systems.

Healthcare: Biometrics authentication enables healthcare services to protect patient files, equipment, and restricted areas within hospitals. 

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