How Do I Add Volume While Blow Drying Straight?

Blow-drying your hair straight doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice volume. Often, when we get straight hair, it can look flat and lifeless, but with the proper techniques, you can achieve a sleek, voluminous style. This guide will walk you through the process, providing practical tips and professional advice to help you style straight hair with a boost of volume.

Why Volume Matters

Volume adds dimension and life to your hair, making it look healthy and whole. Whether you have straight hair curly or straight hair wavy, volume can enhance your overall look, making your hair appear more vibrant and dynamic.

Benefits of Adding Volume:

  • Enhanced Appearance: Fuller hair looks healthier and more stylish.
  • Versatility: More volume means more styling options.
  • Confidence Boost: Voluminous hair can make you feel more confident and polished.

Preparing Your Hair

Before you start blow drying, preparation is key. The products and tools you use can significantly affect the final result.

Essential Tools and Products:

  • Heat Protectant Spray: Protects your hair from heat damage.
  • Volumizing Mousse or Spray: Adds body and lift to your roots.
  • Round Brush: Helps create volume and smoothness.
  • Blow Dryer with Nozzle Attachment: Directs airflow and adds precision.

Steps to Prep Your Hair:

  1. Wash and Condition: Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to start with a good foundation.
  2. Towel Dry: Gently towel dry your hair to remove excess water.
  3. Apply Heat Protectant: Spray evenly throughout your hair to shield it from heat damage.
  4. Add Volumizing Product: Apply a mousse or spray to the roots and distribute it evenly.

Blow Drying Techniques for Volume

Achieving volume while blow drying requires specific techniques. Here’s how to do it:

Sectioning Your Hair

  • Divide and Conquer: Section your hair into manageable parts. This ensures even drying and makes it easier to create volume.
  • Clip Each Section: Use hair clips to hold each section in place.

Blow Drying Steps:

  1. Start at the Roots: Using a round brush to lift the hair upwards, begin blow drying at the roots.
  2. Work Downwards: Slowly work your way down to the ends while maintaining tension with the brush.
  3. Use the Nozzle: Attach the nozzle to your blow dryer to concentrate the airflow and reduce frizz.
  4. Cool Shot: Use the cool shot button on your blow dryer to set the volume.

Additional Tips:

  • Dry Your Hair Upside Down: Flip your hair upside down while blow drying to maximize lift at the roots.
  • Change Directions: Blow dry in different directions to add movement and prevent flatness.
  • Lift at the Crown: Focus on lifting the hair at the crown for added height and volume.

Styling for Volume

Once your hair is dry, the right styling techniques can enhance and maintain the volume.

Styling Tips:

  • Tease the Roots: Use a fine-tooth comb to gently tease the roots for extra lift.
  • Use Rollers: Large rollers can help set your hair with volume. Leave them in for 15-20 minutes.
  • Backcombing: Lightly backcomb the hair at the crown for added height.

Finishing Touches:

  • Hairspray: Use a lightweight hairspray to hold the volume in place without weighing it down.
  • Serum or Oil: Apply a small amount of serum or oil to the ends to smooth out any frizz and add shine.

Maintaining Volume Throughout the Day

Keeping your hair voluminous all day can be challenging, but you can maintain the fullness with these tips.

Tips for Long-Lasting Volume:

  • Avoid Touching Your Hair: Constantly touching your hair can flatten it.
  • Dry Shampoo: Use dry shampoo at the roots to absorb oil and add lift.
  • Re-Blow Dry: If your hair starts to fall flat, re-blow dry the roots with a round brush.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Sometimes, even with the best efforts, you might face challenges. Here’s how to tackle common problems:

Flat Roots

Solution: Apply a volumizing powder at the roots and massage it in.


Solution: Use a smoothing serum and reduce the heat setting on your blow dryer.

Limp Ends

Solution: Trim your ends regularly and use lightweight styling products.

Table: Comparison of Volumizing Products

Product TypeProsCons
Volumizing MousseAdds body and textureCan be sticky if over-applied
Volumizing SprayLightweight and easy to applyMay not provide as much hold
Root Lift PowderGreat for targeted lift at the rootsCan leave residue if not blended well
Dry ShampooAbsorbs oil and adds instant volumeOveruse can lead to product buildup
Volumizing ShampooProvides a good foundation for stylingMay not work alone for fine hair


Adding volume while blow-drying straight hair is all about the right techniques and products. Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can achieve a full, voluminous style that lasts all day. Whether you’re dealing with straight hair curly or straight hair wavy, these tips will help you get straight hair that is anything but flat. Remember, practice makes perfect, so experiment to find what works best for your hair type and style preferences.

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