How do I choose the right shoulder neck rigid box for my product?

Shoulder neck boxes contain a removable top lid and sturdy tray base. The luxury printing retails shoulder boxes for packaging promotional shifts, jewelry, and samples of cosmetic and beauty products.

Firstly, in the world of packaging, presentation is everything. Well-designed boxes raise your product value from ordinary to extraordinary and shoulder neck rigid do just that.  Furthermore, these unique boxes combine grace and protection. So, it is the perfect choice for a variety of luxury items.

Secondly, the shoulder neck rigid boxes are the two-piece rigid box. The neck also provides an extra layer of protection for your product packaging. So, the neck adds a touch of luxury packaging. The thin layer of cardboard in the neck provides excellent protection.

However, it has an elegant lock that makes it perfect for packaging gifts. This type of packaging protects your product during transport.

Types of rigid packaging

There are many different types of packaging each has unique benefits. So, look at some of the most popular options;

Shoulder neck style box

This type of box has a detachable neck. It is two pieces of rigid boxes with a separate lid and base. Further, the shoulder neck rigid box gives your product an elegant and attractive appearance. So, every box has an interesting story.

Further, this is a popular packaging that has a unique unboxing experience. You can customise boxes according to your brand.

Drawer style rigid box

The drawer box is ideal for exhibiting products in-store. This is a slide-open box. Drawer boxes help the customer better understand the box shape. In addition, most drawer boxes use a thin bottom. Drawer box designs are unique and stylish which attracts customers.

Book style rigid box

The book-style box opens like a book providing a graceful package of products such as books and electronics. So, this is an excellent choice for a book. It is a simple and solid structure design.

Lid base style rigid box

Base and lid luxury boxes of a two-component sturdy base and a removable lid. Further, the base provides a basis for the product while the lid serves protection. So, these boxes ensure that products are secure during transport.

Collapsible boxes

This style of box is foldable. So, it is easy to assemble and provide protection to the product. These box designs are graceful. It has convenient storage and is easy to assemble.  

Importance of choosing shoulder-neck rigid packaging

There are different reasons why shoulder neck boxes are a popular choice for luxury packaging some are here,

Elegant and sophisticated

Shoulder neck rigid packaging uplift neck adds a touch of luxury and purification of packaging. it will surely impress the customer. That’s why these boxes are popular nowadays.

Product protection

The thick layer of cardboard in the neck provides extra protection for your product. So, it means that the packaging remains safe and sound. Even,this box provides an extra layer of security during transit.

Elevate product presentation

The structure and design options attract your product to become more memorable. In addition, Rigid boxes packaging has a professional and upscale appearance. This can help you make a strong first expression.

 Hence, they will help to build the customer’s confidence to purchase products from your brand.


The shoulder neck box can be customised according to your brand’s needs and in different ways including, size, shape, and printing. Further, it can allow you to create a box in a unique style.

Product size and shape

The size and shape of your packaging according to the product shape. Cardboard packaging is not too loose or too tight. So that, it can cause damage to the product during delivery.  Therefore, you can choose packaging according to your product size and shape.


Shoulder neck rigid boxes are versatile and perfect for product packaging like cosmetics, candles, and foods.

Brand identity

The packaging shape impacts brand identity. In addition, the shape of the packaging stands out and creates a unique brand identity. Shoulder neck boxes have a good impression on the customer and increase the chance of purchase.


Shoulder neck packaging impacts the cost of production. So, you must choose the product packaging according to its shape and fit within your budget.

High durability

Shoulder neck boxes are designed to withstand wear and tear. Additionally, these boxes provide excellent protection for products.

Benefits of shoulder neck rigid boxes, why you should have it

Luxury brands use shoulder-neck rigid boxes to enhance product value and attract customers. Benefits help the business;

·         Provide a wide range of personalization choice

·         A sustainable packaging solution

·         Interesting and eye-catching design idea

·         Brand marketing tool

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