How to Use Orbi Admin Interface Window?

From here, you will get to know about how to reach the Orbi Admin interface window through the computer and phone.

Here you will learn all the login process by reading the instructions written down here. We have also added few more section at the end of the article.

After all the process, you will see a Orbi pink light indication which means router is all set to provide internet services.

Reach Orbi Interface with Computer

If you want to reach the web interface of the Orbi mesh system in your house, then you have to use the computer. Let’s see how to use it with the help of down given points.

1.Connect A Computer to Orbi

You have to access the interface of Orbi device using your computer, so just start with connecting your computer to the router. Use LAN cable and establish a connection. Now, click on an updated web browser and enter the Orbi URL or IP address

2.Access Orbi Interface Page

You will get to the login page on the interface, where you have to enter the login credentials like username and password. You will find the username and password in the user manual or on the label of the router. Just enter the details and reach to interface page.

3.Configure Orbi Mesh System

On this interface, you can easily set your Orbi mesh system by following on-screen steps. By ending all the steps to you will complete the Orbi installation if you are setting up device.

You can easily reach the interface with the help of your mobile phone. Let’s see how you can download and reach the interface.

Reach Orbi Interface with Phone

Down in this section of the article, you will get to know how to download the Orbi app and how to reach to orbilogin interface through app.

1.Download App

You have to download the app using your phone. First connect the phone to the router via WiFi SSID details. Then, go to the play store and search for the Netgear Orbi app. Reach the download page, hit the download icon and install the app in your phone.

2.Log in to App

Now, just start the login process, by opening the app in your phone. Enter the admin credentials like username and password. Then, tap on the Log In button and access the interface in your phone.

Now you can easily update the settings and networks, upgrade to new firmware and enable or disable features of the Orbi device.

Have a look at section, which describes updating the Orbi mesh system.

Updating Orbi Firmware

There are easy steps to update the Orbi device firmware. We will share all the instructions to update the device.

  1. First, you have to access the interface of the Orbi using the computer or mobile.
  2. Then go to the Settings and scroll down to the Firmware tab.
  3. You will find the current running firmware version in the mesh system.
  4. Then, to update, search for the newest version of the firmware and download it.
  5. To start the installation, you have to move the downloaded file in to the Firmware tab.
  6. Select the Install button, the update process will starts right away.

If your router is not working or interface is not responding, then try rebooting or factory reset Orbi. Follow some of the steps to reboot and reset router.


To restart the Orbi, you have to find power button and press it twice. First hit will turn off the router and second hit wills restart the device.


If the problem is big and not solved by rebooting the router, then just reset the device by long pressing the RESET button. 

End Lines

Here, in this article, you have seen and learned how to reach the admin interface window through your computer and phone. At the end, you have seen how to update, reboot and reset Orbi.

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