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The IELTS exam is one of the popular tests for English skills. Every year, thousands of students take this test to check their expertise in the language. Well, in this, many of them are unaware of the exam pattern and IELTS exam syllabus. To score well in the test, knowing about these things is vital. It also aids them in getting familiar with tests. However, where to get all this information? In this, to help students, experts in Kharar have stated the exam pattern and syllabus of IELTS. So, read the article below and get all the details about the IELTS test.

IELTS Exam: Section-Wise Pattern and Syllabus

Several universities abroad accept the results of the IELTS exam. It aids students in getting admission there. The test checks four general English skills. They are writing, speaking, reading, and listening. All these sections are done in one day. Let’s know about all these in more detail.

Reading Section

The reading section of the IELTS test carries text based on general information. It makes it easy to understand for the students who are going to pursue PG and UG degrees. The duration of the test is around 1 hour, and it carries 40 questions. Moving forward, let’s read about the IELTS exam syllabus and pattern.

  • Syllabus of IELTS Test: For the reading part, the syllabus of general training and academics vary, but the format is the same. It consists of three parts. With each section, the level of difficulty increases. In this part, one carries two or three short passages. In addition, the second part consists of two paragraphs and the third carries one long text. It checks whether students are able to understand the basic chat of English in other nations. Also, for incorrect spelling, the examiner cut the marks. So, while giving answers, write the right spelling.
  • IELTS Exam Pattern: The academic section consists of paragraphs from journals, books, and more. Since these are simple texts, students from several study fields can perform this task with ease. Here, the question types involve sentences, summaries, multiple questions, and more. In context to this, the general training, pattern is the same but here, the text is different. They come from brochures, ads, and so on. Also, its question types include completion of the flowchart, short answers, and more.

Listening Section

The listening section of the IELTS exam consists of 30 minutes. In addition, ten extra minutes are given for the questions. The total number of questions in the listening part is 40. Moving forward, let’s know about its syllabus and exam pattern.

  • IELTS Test Syllabus: The IELTS listening section contains four sub-parts. The first two carry topics about social needs, and the other two contain study details. In this, the conversation can be either dialogues or monologues. In addition, you can hear the audio only for one time. As stated above, it has 40 questions each, which is equally divided into four sections.
  • IELTS Exam Pattern: In the listening section, there are several types of questions. It includes multiple-choice questions, short answers, diagram labeling, and more. The first and second parts carry the audio of a social conversation. In this, two people interact with each other and share their views. In addition, in the second part, a monologue is given. Talking about the third and fourth parts, also contain two audios. In the third recording, three or four people talk about a topic related to the study. Also, the fourth audio carries a monologue based on the academic text.

Writing Section

When it comes to the writing section, is one of the typical sections in IELTS. Many students feel daunting when they take this section. The IELTS exam syllabus is different for both general training and academics. However, the format is the same. Moving forward, let’s read about all these in more detail.

  • IELTS Test Syllabus Academics: The academic section consists of two tasks. Students need to do both. In addition, they cannot write the answers in bullet points. In task one, they need to describe visual details like diagrams, charts, and more. For this, they have to write at least 150 words in 20 minutes. Talking about task 2 contains a view, problem, or argument that learners need to discuss. The time given for it is 40 minutes, and in this, they have to write a minimum of 250 words.
  • IELTS Exam Syllabus General Training: This also consists of two tasks. In the first one, the students have to write a letter as per the given situation. The letter can be formal, personal, or semi-formal. In addition, the details of the question will mentioned in bullet points. In contrast, in task two, learners need to write a semi-formal/neutral essay of at least 250 words. The topic of it is generally based on common interests. It also has the same timing as academic training – 60 minutes.
  • IELTS Test Pattern Academics: Depending on the topic, you have to discuss relevant issues in a neutral or semi-formal style. In this, you have to justify and present your view, giving the solution to the mentioned issue and more. In addition, you have to contrast and compare the proof, opinion, and results.
  • IELTS Test Patter General Training: As stated above in task one, students have to write a letter. It is generally based on common themes like time management issues at the workplace. In the second task, they have to write an essay based on a general topic. For example, solutions for environmental issues, prohibition of smoking, and more.

Speaking Section

Through this IELTS exam section, the examiner checks the speaking skills of students in English. In addition, also whether they will also be able to interact with new people abroad. The total time of this section is around 11-14 minutes. Moving forward, let’s know about its syllabus and exam pattern.

  • IELTS Test Syllabus: The syllabus includes speaking preparation in the English language. It aids in finding out the ability of students to speak the language. It consists of three parts- interview, speech, and discussion.
  • IELTS Test Pattern: In the first part, students need to introduce themselves to the interviewer. While in the second part, they have to talk on the given topic. For this, they get one minute of preparation time and 2 minutes of speaking. In addition, in part 3, they discuss more briefly about the topic.

It was all about the IELTS test pattern and syllabus. Furthermore, if you need any guidance, the experts in IELTS coaching in Kharar are there to aid you. They are experts in this field and help you in every step of your test.


While preparing for the IELTS test, knowing about the exam pattern and syllabus is vital. It aids in a better understanding of the exam. The following above-mentioned details will help you in preparing for the IELTS. Moreover, for any guidance and help, experts in IELTS coaching in Kharar will aid you. They have many years of experience in the IELTS field. Also, with their advice, you will able to score good band score on the test.

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