IELTS vs PTE: Which one is better?

IELTS and PTE, both are English proficiency assessment tests and are recognized for their authenticity. Choosing the best one completely based on your own discretion and preferences. However, some experts consider IELTS more professional than PTE due to its structure. Yes, this is true that the structure of the IELTS is tougher than PTE and this could be one of the major reasons that makes the experts choose IELTS over PTE.

In This article, you will come to learn the major differences between the PTE and IELTS so that you can decide the best one for you. We will start with the exam structure and end the article with countries where the tests are highly recognized. 

So, get ready with us to acquire the best knowledge of these two tests and choose the best decision for you. Well, besides this, you can choose to come in contact with the most promising IELTS coaching in Chandigarh which is gaining a profound prominence in the country for its quality services. 

IELTS vs PTE exam: discover the best features 


When it comes to structure then, the PTE exam is quite popular due to its game-like features. When you take the PTE exam, the exam pattern and the questions are quite interesting and this makes the exam prep interesting as well. 

On the other hand, the IELTS exam structure is considered tougher than the rest of the English proficiency assessment tests. This could be the reason that IELTS has been able to prevail over other options. 


The IELTS exam is considered lengthy in comparison to the PTE exam due to the writing section. The questions in the IELTS writing section are generally large. For example, in writing task two, you have to devote 40 minutes. All in all, the IELTS exam could be 2 hours+45 minutes long. 

The PTE exam is quite famous for its short questions. This also makes the test quite engaging and candidates enjoy taking the test. In fact, practicing for the test becomes quite enjoyable due to these interesting question types. You can take the entire PTE exam in just two hours. 

Speaking section 

One of the major differences between these two exams is connected with the speaking section. The speaking section of the IELTS exam is quite practical and includes face-to-face interactions it the examiner. 

This makes the candidates who lack profound English speaking skills in face-to-face interaction opt for the PTE exam. Yes, the PTE exam doesn’t have any in-person interaction with the examiner. You will be given a topic and you have to speak on it. The AI software will be able to access your speaking skills and allot the marks accordingly. 


No one can deny the fact that the PTE exam has been able to receive more prominence in such a short span of time than the IELTS exam. However, till now, the IELTS exam bag the first rank on the list of prominent English proficiency assessment tests. 

Almost every youngster in India is aware of the IELTS exam since the fifth standard due to its importance in the visa application process. 


The IELTS delivers results within five business days if you have taken the exam on the computer. Those who have taken the paper-based exam will get results within 13 days after taking the test. 

The PTE exam is exceptionally known for its quickly delivered results. Candidates can check their results within two business days. This has been made possible due to the use of AI Software. 

Join the best PTE Institute in Chandigarh to grow your expertise in taking the PTE exam confidently. Preparing for the PTE exam becomes easy when you study for the PTE exam with the help of the experts. 


So, we hope that you have understood that choosing the best one from IELTS and PTE is completely based on your own discretion and preferences. Along with that, also know that solving the sample papers will help you a lot in making the best decision. Just solve the sample papers and come to learn about the test that will perfectly fit your preferences and abilities. 


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