Is Online or Distance MCA better?

Necessity is the mother of invention and innovation. When education was restricted to limited people and limited regions, the government introduced Distance Education for better reachability. Those who couldn’t enroll for a Full-Time MCA got admission to a Distance MCA program. Above all, something was better than nothing. There was a time when Distance Education was the only choice when students couldn’t enroll in the Regular program. Now, Distance MCA has become the preferred choice not just the only choice for many. How have we come so far? In this blog, it is shared how Online MCA has become the most preferred choice. But, first, learn more about the MCA program. 

MCA stands for Master in Computer Applications is a two-year post-graduation degree course that emphasizes learning programming and understanding the concepts of Computer Science. So the program comprises theoretical and practical knowledge related to Computer Science which deals with programming language, software, applications, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. So that learners are capable of developing faster and more efficient applications and software.  

Why Online MCA? 

Distance Education faces challenges as there is a lack of communication between the education providers and learners. It is a little tricky to understand the technical concepts in Computer Science without direct contact with a mentor. MCA has lots of technical jargon, particles and applied knowledge that learner has to focus on to get the desired skills besides theoretical knowledge. 

Due to objections related to the disadvantages of Distance MCA, technological developments are introduced to the MCA program.

Therefore Online MCA program made it convenient for the learners to develop skills: 

  • Live Lectures that can be watched and recorded. Not only do students watch lectures but also ask queries that are timely responded to students by the well-qualified professors. 
  • Updated MCA curriculum that includes industry projects, and developed practical skills to increase work efficiency of students who completed their post-graduation from Online MBA.
  • Balance higher studies work with other responsibilities due to the flexibility offered through virtual mode. 
  • Highly quality and experienced faculties and industry leaders are accessible through the LMS (Learning Management System). 
  • An around-the-clock self-paced learning option is available.
  • Networking because 24 access to the batchmates and professors. 

Hence, Online Education is the Distance Education 2.0 version, an advanced version of Distance Education. Therefore, Online MCA is better than Distance MCA. 

Is Online MCA worthy? 

Online MCA degrees are counted as similar to Regular MCA if the candidate enrolls from an approved university. Students’ degrees are valid if the college/ institute is recognized by the UGC and other regulatory bodies such as NAAC and NIRF. After the Online MCA, students are job-ready due to the updated and skilled-oriented curriculum to start their careers. 

Enrolling Criteria for the Online MCA Program 

To complete the degree for a two-year online MCA program, check the eligibility guidelines for students: 

  • Aspirants must study BCA or Bachelors with Maths from an approved educational universities. 
  • Must have scored a minimum of 50% aggregate score in their graduation.
  • No entrance exam or age limit for the Online MCA program

Disciplines for Online MCA

MCA is a higher-level education program that presents specialization in various fields so that learners can expertise in a particular field. 

  • Online MCA In-Game Development
  • Online MCA In Cyber Security
  • Online MCA In Artificial Intelligence
  • Online MCA in Blockchain
  • Online MCA in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Online MCA In Computer Science & IT
  • Online MCA In Cloud Computing
  • Online MCA In Data Science

Top Universities Offering Affordable Online MCA

When enrolling in the program, consider the universities to study the preferred disciplines in Online MBA: 

  • Chandigarh University Online
  • Amity University Online
  • Amrita Ahead University Online
  • Lovely Professional University Online
  • Sikkim Manipal University Online
  • Sharda University Online 
  • Manav Rachna Online

College Vidya

College Vidya is a legitimate platform that allows students to compare the online universities that benefit students to choose the best program for them. Compassion is possible due to the AI-powered Compare Feature where students have to share their preferences and within a few seconds, results will be shared at the earliest. This service is free of cost to the students. 

Why should a student be part of College Vidya?  

CV placement support: guidance offered to students throughout the program to prepare for the job interviews after completing the online program from an enrolled online university. 

Post-admission services: this includes if one hasn’t received the sign-in and password to their LMS and is not getting any response from the university even after repeatedly connecting with the university. 


The online MCA program is prepared for those who are passionate about learning computer applications and technology. However, they can’t register for the Regular MCA Program. The Online MCA program is also offering the same knowledge and experience but with more flexibility. After finishing they are enough capable to start a job and make a career in the Information Technology sector. 

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