Is Vegan Chocolate as Tasty as The Original One?

Vegans can’t eat chocolate – THIS IS A MYTH. After all, you have vegan chocolate. People opt for a vegan lifestyle for a lot of reasons, be it health, ethical or environmental. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your favorite treat: chocolate. But is the vegan-friendly version as tasty as the original one? Well, we’ll have to find that out! Keep reading this blog and learn what factors make vegan chocolate a strong contender – a better version – of regular chocolatey treats.

What is Vegan Chocolate?

Before exploring whether or not vegan chocolate is as creamy and indulgent as its regular counterpart, let’s discuss what it is. We know they are vegan but what does that mean exactly. Well, it means that it doesn’t contain dairy products. Instead, it is made with plant-derived ingredients only. But does that mean vegan-friendly chocolate is not tasty? NOT AT ALL. Chocolate brands make sure that their vegan products mimic the exact same taste as the original – non-vegan – versions. 

“Vegan chocolate contains cacao beans and plant-based ingredients, and is free of animal-derived products like dairy, eggs, and honey. And it’s definitely chocolate.”

Quick Question: Are Cocoa Beans Vegan?

Yes, cocoa beans are vegan. After all, they come from the cacao tree which means they are entirely plant-based. However, the chocolate products made from them may or may not be vegan. It all depends on what ingredients it is mixed with. Therefore, if you are specifically looking for vegan chocolate products, it is important that you check the vegan label on packaging.

What is Vegan Chocolate Made Of?

Vegan chocolate is an alien concept to many people out there. This is the reason why they keep themselves deprived of the yumminess of this treat. Besides, those who know about its existence think that it won’t be as tasty because it doesn’t contain dairy. It’s true that chocolate gets its creamy texture from milk content. However, this doesn’t mean that the vegan version is not delicious enough. After all, chocolate makers use the best plant-based ingredients to make sure that this sustainable version is equally creamy, indulgent and irresistible.

“Chocolate in its purest form, containing only cocoa and sugar, is vegan as it doesn’t contain dairy content.”

Basic Ingredients 

Anyhow, here are the ingredients that make deliciously creamy vegan chocolate:

  • Cocoa Beans
  • Plant-based Milk
  • Sugar or Alternatives

These are the basic ingredients you can find in every chocolatey vegan treat. Apart from these, chocolate makers use other vegan-friendly contents too to mimic the taste and texture of the non-vegan counterparts.

Red Flag Ingredients

The presence of the above-mentioned content signal that your chocolate is vegan. But hey, did you know that there are ingredients you should be wary of? Yes, that’s true! The following are some non-vegan additives that you should make sure your chocolate doesn’t have:

  • Gelatin
  • Carmine
  • Shellac

Moreover, you should know that the production process of this treat is same as that of its regular counterparts. This means that cocoa beans go through the process of fermentation, drying, roasting, grinding, and tempering to become high quality chocolate. 

Quick Question: Is Dairy-Free Chocolate Vegan?

Vegan chocolates are dairy-free. However, you should know that not all dairy-free chocolates are vegan. It is because non-dairy chocolates have a chance of cross-contamination during the production. Apart from this, non-dairy chocolate can also contain non-vegan additives, flavoring or preservatives. All in all, non-dairy chocolate may be suitable for lactose intolerant people but not for vegans. 

Is vegan chocolate as tasty as non-vegan chocolate?

Good news for vegans: vegan chocolate is just as delightful and delectable as non-vegan chocolate. Incredible, right? After all, this means you can enjoy the same delicious taste and creamy texture of chocolate without consuming dairy.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO MISS OUT ON THE DELICIOUSNESS OF CHOCOLATE!!! Ever wondered what is it that makes this vegan-friendly version so amazing? It’s the magical blend of plant-based ingredients that replicate the flavor and texture of traditional chocolate. Let’s explore more about this – vegan vs. non-vegan – competition by comparing the flavors and textures of both:

Flavor Profile

It is a common myth that vegan chocolate is not as delicious. However, if you have come this far reading you should know that this is not true. In reality: chocolate is as yummm… as the regular one. Moreover, the fact that they don’t have dairy doesn’t impact their amazingness at all! It is because of top-rated brands your satisfaction matters. And they know chocolate lovers – vegan or not – will only be satisfied if they are served deliciousness. Therefore, they accurately curate a blend of plant-based components.


The texture of chocolate refers to its creaminess. And let me tell you it is the soul of the body. This is the reason why getting the texture right is important. Moreover, you should know that regular chocolate gets its creaminess from milk. As the quantity of milk increases, the creaminess increase too. And by know you should know that vegan chocolate is creamy too. After all, it contains plant-based milk. This can include almond milk, soy milk, or oat milk.

Quick Question: Is Vegan Chocolate Vegetarian?

No, they are not! You can confuse vegan and non-vegan stuff but the truth is they are entirely different. Moreover, vegan chocolate doesn’t have any animal-produced content but vegetarian chocolate may have dairy. This means that most traditional chocolates are vegan. 

Did You Know?All forms of chocolate is vegetarian.

Ending Thoughts on Vegan Chocolate!

If you have come this far reading, you must know that vegan-friendly chocolate exists it’s as tasty as its regular – non-vegan counterparts. This means whether or not you are following a vegan diet, you can indulge in the deliciousness of chocolate. From truffles to bars, you can enjoy any treat you want.

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