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Gil in Final Fantasy XIV – Useful Or Not?

Gil can be earned in numerous ways in Final Fantasy XIV, such as questing, dungeons and farming activities. Duty Roulettes may also yield significant amounts of Gil.

Farming can be an efficient way to earn Gil, though some players find it tedious. Other strategies for earning Gil include crafting and gathering. Gathering can be especially lucrative during new patch periods.

How to Earn Gil

There are various methods of earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, from questing and dungeons to player housing and crafting – the latter of which often brings in substantial earnings during new patches – while gathering can also yield rewards – although initial investments may be required in high-demand materials.

Treasure Maps provide another easy and profitable way of earning gil. Players completing these challenges are awarded with rare items they can sell on the Market Board for a significant profit.

Retainer Venture provides another steady source of FFXIV gil, as it allows players to send retainers on small quests that don’t cost too much in terms of energy or FFXIV gil.


Players in Final Fantasy XIV can earn plenty of Gil by completing dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV. Each run in a roulette will yield significant earnings for players playing Tank or Healer roles.

The game offers numerous challenges that offer rewards like Company Seals, experience points and more – helping players earn plenty of ffxiv quick gil each week! These can help boost Gil earnings.

Additionally, the game provides various methods of selling items to Moogle Shops at a profit; however, each server and DC has their own price fluctuations that could change accordingly.


Mounts, minions and weapons that feature prominently in the game require large sums of Gil in order to purchase. Melding and crafting can also provide reliable sources of Gil.

Players can make considerable FFXIV gil by hunting monsters and looting chests; however, the value of loot may fluctuate considerably from week to week.

Other activities that offer players an ample source of Gil are dungeons and challenges, which often provide higher monetary returns than main story quests and non-repeatable sidequests, while taking less time overall. Furthermore, FFXIV’s player-driven economy enables gamers to make plenty of Gil – enough for them to utilize teleportation at will or buy gear that allows access to higher end content.


Food creation in FFXIV offers several methods, with stacks providing a 3% EXP buff for 30 minutes and sellingability; food can also be bought from Kogane Dori markets in Kugane.

Gathering is one of the best methods for making Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, particularly at the start of a patch cycle. But depending on what you gather and server prices, it may also be a very ineffective means of earning FFXIV gil.

Reward from raids and dungeons can often be sold on the Market Board for an excellent return, while housing or gardening may provide other alternatives that yield similar earnings. Gardening tends to be most effective.


Gil is used in Final Fantasy XIV to purchase gear and accessorize themselves with glamour items, while making money is achieved through various means within the game; some methods of earning Gil can be more reliable than others – performing main story quests or non-repeatable sidequests quickly become insufficient in rewards, while looting random enemies is rarely profitable. Treasure maps offer high level gamers an efficient source of income when completed in groups called map parties.

Mining and Botanist classes also harvest natural resources across Eorzea for profit, though material prices are declining; still, they provide enough profit margin for adequate returns.

Player Housing

There are multiple ways of earning in FFXIV, from questing and crafting to farming and playing the market board. Players can also make Gil by running dungeons either solo or with groups; these dungeons often yield lots of Gil and may contain special items that help improve gear.

An additional way of earning Gil is through completing Beast Tribe Quests. Completing such quests can yield players thousands of Gil, Tomestones and Ventures which they can then sell on the Market Board at a profit or use them to purchase furniture and mounts for their homes.


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