Top Picks in Premium Menswear for Every Occasion

When it comes to premium menswear, attention to details such as choosing the appropriate outfit for any given occasion pays off not only in terms of style but also comfort and, most importantly, self-assurance. Here is a list of premium menswear which covers trousers, shorts, T-shirts, joggers, polo shirts, crew neck T-shirts, and coord sets to enhance your wardrobe experience.

Tailored Trousers

Suits and trousers are one of the most important parts of any sophisticated and premium men’s wear line. Plain colours, particularly navy, grey and black give the wearer the ability to mix and match and create many outfits with them. These trousers can be fitted with a dress shirt and blazer for a neat office wear, or cashmere sweater for a casual sophisticated weekend wear.

Chic Shorts

Shorts are not restricted to being casual clothing items. In this case, try to select more fitted styles and go for the plain, neutral colours such as navy or beige. These shorts can be worn with a clean polo shirt or a laid back formal shirt, and would therefore be appropriate for summer occasions such as garden parties or other outdoor events. This concept means that the key is to select shorts with a neater cut and of finer material.

Luxurious T-Shirts

A premium T-shirt is a wardrobe essential that can be worn on both, casual and formal occasions.There is hardly an item of wardrobe more versatile than a well-fitted T-shirt in neutral shades like white, black, or grey. Use it to wear to formal meetings by pairing it with a blazer or wear to casual events by wearing it with jeans effortlessly.

 Comfortable Joggers

Joggers have become more than gym wear; they are now part of the wardrobe. These joggers can be perfectly combined with a fitted sweatshirt or a sporty jacket; they will be perfect for travelling, dress-code Fridays at the office, or weekends.

Classic Polo Shirts

A polo shirt is a useful garment that can make ordinary attire more elegant and stylish. Opt for polos in plain or muted colours and prints to give off classic appeal. It can be worn with chinos for business casual wear or with shorts for that smart relaxed summer wear.

Crew Neck T-Shirts

Crew neck T-shirts are also part of the necessities in formal menswear. These T-shirts can be worn under other garments, such as jackets or worn alone. They are perfect for leisurely occasions and can easily be accessorised for more formal events with appropriate tops and blazers.

Coord Sets

Coord sets have gained popularity due to their convenience and elegance.Such sets can consist of tops and bottoms of the same colour and/or fabric and design, allowing for a neat aesthetic. Coord sets are suitable for relaxed occasions, holidays, and even fine leisure wear.

The Overcoat

For the winter season, it is proper to have a premium menswear overcoat on top of the other layers. A good choice of an outerwear would be a wool/cashmere mix coat in camel, navy or charcoal as it will not only be warm but also versatile enough to wear on top of virtually any outfit, business or casual.

Luxury Footwear

Shoes are always one of the most critical accessories that can either complement or denigrate any outfit. Black or brown formal oxford shoes or brogues would do fine in formal events, while dark suede low-cut loafers or Chelsea boots are suitable for business-casual occasions. They should be well maintained for them to stand the test of time.

Statement Accessories

Jewellery and other accessories are the last piece in the puzzle when dressing up. Some premium men’s accessories like quality watches from companies like Patek Philippe or Rolex can be classic investment pieces. Bows provide a sophisticated accent to your suit and tie. Furthermore, the leather belts and bags do not only provide utility but also convey fashion.


While there are many brands giving out menswear, the premium quality assurance and reality lack in many brands. If you are looking for premium menswear at affordable prices and yet with an actual amazing quality, then Slowave is the place. With online shopping, you can purchase the latest, trendy premium quality menswear collection.

Investing in timeless, high-quality pieces that can be worn for business, social, and special occasions is the key to creating a premium wardrobe for today’s man. They range from fancy trousers, classy short, quality T-shirts, joggers, polo shirts and coord sets to help you make the right fashion statement. Only select clothing that represents you as a person and learn to enjoy the benefits of wearing quality clothing.

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